I would like to start my first Blog off with saying Welcome! Welcome to PhreshPrintz.com by Custom One Offs!
What is Phresh Printz and who is Custom One Offs you may wonder? First things first, Custom One Offs was created and started from the ground up by me, Jeremy Jones, back in January of 2007 after being laid off from a 7 year position as Manufacturing Engineer at Medical Device Company. I took my severance pay and a loan from my Mom to buy a Direct to Garment printer and off I went. I turned my 3rd car spot in the garage into a shop and quickly hit the streets gorilla style to become one of the top 3 garment printers in the inner Contra Costa County, (Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, Pittsburg, as well as some Bay Areas. I've printed for Musicians, entertainers, festivals, wrestlers, schools, you name it! And then life hit hard, I went through a divorce, lost my home, and went back to work for the man.
But, now I'm back! I have a new woman in my life, a new home, things are falling in to the right places and it's time to become the biggest little shirt Printer once again! 
So whats up with the names? Well Custom One Offs, is my company's original working name, and Phresh Printz is what I do, I make Phresh Printz... It's also where I sell Phresh designs, my designs, YOUR designs... That's right we will be hosting and consigning designs for others just like you! So keep an eye out for that update.
Other names/companies I own or go by are, COO Clothing, Vicious Fightwear, Vicious Knockouts, Absolut Bully, and Bullies N Betties.
Thank you for your time and Stay COO with Phresh Printz!

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